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Tips For Planning A Pizza Road Trip

27 February 2018
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If you're a serious pizza enthusiast, it might not be enough to just order a pie once or twice a week. Should you have a couple friends with the same level of passion as you, you may wish to plan a pizza road trip. Visiting a city that is known for its pizza restaurants can be a major thrill, as well as an opportunity to bond with your friends while creating valuable memories — and perhaps even making some other people jealous when they see your pictures on social media.
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Two Tips For Reheating Pizza

25 February 2017
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If you are like many people, you likely enjoy pizza delivery. This can be a convenient way of providing a nutritious and delicious meal. However, you will likely have leftovers from this meal, and if you are wanting to reheat the pizza, you will want to avoid a couple of mistakes that could seriously compromise the pizza. Improperly Storing The Pizza When you store your leftover pizza, you will need to make sure that you are avoiding letting it get too dry.
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Your Best Bet For Protein When Eating At A Buffet

3 February 2017
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Foods that are full of protein are the building blocks of lean muscle, and these are the foods that make you feel satisfied and full. When you dine at a buffet, which foods do you gravitate towards? If you want energy and feelings of satisfaction, reach for the protein. Protein-rich foods are on the buffet; you just need to know where to look for them! Some high sources of protein on a lunch buffet include:
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Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants

23 January 2017
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When you are trying to eat healthier, it tends to be much easier to do at home than when you need to go out to eat. If you are eating out at a restaurant, you can't control how they prepare your food, and it is sometimes difficult to choose the healthiest thing. These tips will help you enjoy your time out with friends and family, while also making smart choices.
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Italian Cuisine Menu Ideas For Special Events

19 January 2017
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No matter what type of special event you're hosting, Italian cuisine will be appropriate. Italian foods can range from casual, such as pizza and bread sticks, to fancy, such as seafood pasta. You can use Italian cuisine to create a romantic catering menu for soirees such as intimate dinner parties, wedding receptions, and anniversary celebrations. Whether you're making the event food yourself or hiring a professional catering company to do it for you, an Italian-themed menu will work for any budget.
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