Three Reasons To Try Popcorn Chicken

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Three Reasons To Try Popcorn Chicken

Three Reasons To Try Popcorn Chicken

15 March 2023
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One thing that can make a fried chicken restaurant a fun place to visit with your family or a group of friends is the variety of options on the menu. While some people will immediately gravitate toward the timeless meal of whole pieces of fried chicken, you may wish to occasionally order something different. You'll find popcorn chicken on the menu at many different eateries at which fried chicken is the specialty. If you haven't previously tried this form of chicken, you may wish to give it a try for these reasons.

No Bones

While a lot of people enjoy munching on fried chicken legs and breasts, others find that doing so is difficult because of the presence of bones. You might not like having to eat around the bones, and if you're ordering a meal for your kids, you might not want to give them anything that has bones. A big benefit of eating popcorn chicken is that this dish doesn't include any bones. The individual pieces are small — typically just a little bigger than a piece of popcorn — and contain pure meat coated in crispy batter.

Tidy To Eat

Popcorn chicken is one of the tidiest forms of fried chicken to eat, which is advantageous in all sorts of scenarios. When you bite into a large piece of chicken, there's a risk that some of the batter or even a small piece of meat may drip onto your clothing if you aren't careful. The likelihood of a mess when you consume popcorn chicken is very small. Because the pieces of chicken are bite-sized, you can comfortably place each piece entirely in your mouth, meaning nothing will fall onto your clothing. This is especially ideal if you're grabbing a quick lunch during the workday.

Good For Sharing

Some people enjoy ordering popcorn chicken as a dish to share with their dining partners. The fact that an order of popcorn chicken contains several small pieces makes it easy to enjoy with others. Various other types of fried chicken aren't as conducive to sharing. For example, you aren't likely to take a bite of a chicken leg and then pass it to the person next to you. If your dining group is hungry when you get to the restaurant, an appetizer of popcorn chicken can satisfy you until your main courses arrive. Contact a restaurant in your area to learn more. 

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