Six Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering A Meal At A Steakhouse Restaurant

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Six Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering A Meal At A Steakhouse Restaurant

Six Mistakes To Avoid When Ordering A Meal At A Steakhouse Restaurant

27 May 2021
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Eating at a steakhouse is a fantastic culinary experience. However, you need to know what to order to make the most of it.

There are a few mistakes to avoid while ordering that could detract from your satisfaction with your meal. The following are six mistakes to avoid when ordering a meal at a steakhouse restaurant

Being unfamiliar with the different cuts of steak

Some cuts of steak are better than others. If you want to choose the highest quality dish from a steakhouse menu, you need to know what the cuts of steak are.

Research the differences between the porterhouse, ribeye, filet mignon, New York strip, and sirloin steak cuts. Then, you'll know which cut is best for your unique preferences. 

Failing to specify how you would like your steak prepared

Everyone has their own unique preferences for how they want their steak prepared. You need to know whether you want your steak rare, medium-rare, medium, medium-well, or well done.

A rare steak is cooked for a shorter period of time and is redder in the center. A well-done steak is cooked longer. Make sure you know what you like and that you specify your preference when you order. 

Going overboard with the sauces

You might want to order your steak served with a steak sauce or another type of sauce or topping. However, don't go overboard. You don't want any sauces or toppings you order to overwhelm the flavor of the steak. 

Not familiarizing yourself with wine pairings

If you're having a drink with your steakhouse dinner, it's important that you know a good wine pairing for a steak meal. Red wine is traditionally ordered with steak. Some of the best red wines to drink with steak include cabernet sauvignon, malbec, and pinot noir. 

Setting your budget too low

A good meal at a steakhouse could be a bit pricier than a quality dish at another type of restaurant. If you want the best steak available, you're probably going to have to choose a menu item that's a bit higher priced. Don't set your budget too low or you may not get the experience you were hoping for at a steakhouse. 

Neglecting to consider your side dishes

The choice of your side dishes is almost as important as the choice of your steak. Side dishes that pair well with steak include roasted potatoes, carrots, brussels sprouts, and green beans. 

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