Pizza Shops: These Tips With Streamline Your Delivery Business

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Pizza Shops: These Tips With Streamline Your Delivery Business

Pizza Shops: These Tips With Streamline Your Delivery Business

15 July 2020
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When you own a pizza shop, delivery tends to be a big part of your business. If your delivery is inefficient or does not leave customers happy with your product, you're going to struggle! Here are some tips to help you streamline and improve your delivery business.

Assign different drivers to different areas.

Especially when you're in a more sprawling, metropolitan area, it can take your drivers some time to really learn their way around. Sure, they can use the maps apps in their phones, but this is no comparison to being familiar with the streets and aware of the best routes at various times of day. To help your drivers get to know the area better, assign different drivers to different neighborhoods. For example, drivers A, B, and C can always go to neighborhood one. Drivers C, D, and E can handle any deliveries in neighborhood two. This also makes it easier to send drivers out with multiple orders at once.

Invest in cambros or larger insulating bags.

If you happen to get two orders in approximately the same area, you don't want the driver to have to take two trips. You don't want one pizza to get cold, either. Solve this problem by investing in the best cambros (insulated boxes) or insulated pizza bags. Make sure your drivers know to fully zip the pizzas up in bags to keep them warm, allowing them to deliver several top-notch pizzas on each trip.

Set up online or over-the-phone payments.

Whether you work with a popular payment app or simply request credit card information and bill over the phone, it is best to make sure your customers pay before the pizza goes out for delivery. This way, your drivers do not have to worry about collecting payment. They can deliver more quickly this way.

Talk to drivers about being polite, prompt, and efficient.

Have weekly or monthly meetings with your drivers, and always be providing them with concrete, actionable tips to help them do a better job. For instance, do not just tell them to be polite to customers. Demonstrate how you would like them to greet customers. Instead of just telling them to drive safely, explain that you expect them to stop at all stop signs and crosswalks. By keeping your drivers doing their best, you will ensure your business looks reliable and reputable.

With the tips above, you can kick your pizza delivery game into high gear! Good luck.

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