Arrange For Pizza Delivery During This Crisis

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Arrange For Pizza Delivery During This Crisis

Arrange For Pizza Delivery During This Crisis

30 April 2020
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Are you missing your friends during this Covid-19 crisis? Like others the world over, maybe you are stuck at home, not being able to go to work or to socialize. While you might be keeping up with friends and extended family members through social media, there are other ways you can let folks know you're thinking about them. Arrange for pizza delivery!

Make A Plan 

The great part about pizza is that it's so affordable that you can have it delivered to a whole bunch of people. Here are some ideas on how to get started with that.

Do you have a group of friends who meet on weekends to go out to dinner together? If so, think of arranging for pizza delivery to each couple on the evening that you would have been going out. Send a note that says something like, "Here's a pizza-of our heart 'til we can be together again." It's corny, but cute.

What about older friends in assisted living facilities? They might get very tired of having the same foods brought to their apartments. Send them a mini-pizza and a salad to go with it. Check with the management to make sure they can accept the pizza delivery.

Customize The Pizzas 

Maybe you already know that some of your friends have special dietary needs. If that's the case, you should order customized pizzas.

Does anybody on your list have to have a gluten-free diet? If so, order gluten-free pizza for those individuals.

Maybe you have friends who are vegetarians. In that case, order a pizza that has ingredients like onions, pineapple tidbits, green peppers, olives, and artichokes. 

If you have friends who pride themselves on being gourmet cooks, wouldn't it be fun for them to receive deep-dish fully loaded gourmet pizzas?

If somebody on your gift list prides himself or herself on tolerating extra spicy foods, don't forget to order him or her a customized pizza that has jalapeño chilis on it.

Don't forget dessert pizzas. Maybe one or more of your friends is celebrating a birthday. Customize a dessert pizza with a Happy Birthday message on it.

As you place orders for your friends, don't forget to stock up on pizzas for your own family. Think of getting several cheese and pepperoni pizzas for the kids. Freeze them so you can pull them out as you need them. If your family usually goes out to the movies on the weekends, that's obviously not happening, Have fun by planning a movie night right at home. Instead of popcorn, bring pizzas into the family room to enjoy with your favorite sodas while you're watching the movie. 

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