3 Reasons To Let Your Customers See You Making Bagels

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3 Reasons To Let Your Customers See You Making Bagels

3 Reasons To Let Your Customers See You Making Bagels

30 May 2018
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When you're setting up a bagel restaurant and hope to see a steady flow of people through the doors for breakfast and lunch each day, you definitely want to focus on building a good menu. But, you should also give thought to the layout of the restaurant and other reasons that people might visit you. One approach that many bagel restaurants take, and one that is worthwhile for a variety of reasons, is to let your customers see your staff making bagels. Whether you use an open concept and the staff can answer questions as they work, or the area is enclosed in glass but still highly visible, this scene can boost the appeal of your bagel restaurant. Here are three reasons to set the restaurant up this way.

1. It Demonstrates Freshness

For a bagel restaurant to succeed, it should ideally be cooking its bagels on-site. Doing so ensures that the bagels are fresh and makes a stop at the restaurant more appealing than visiting the supermarket for a bag of bagels. It's one thing to advertise that you make your own bagels, but another thing altogether to actually show your patrons the process. When you set up the bagel restaurant so that people can watch you make bagels, the patrons will have no doubts about the freshness of what you're selling.

2. It Provides Entertainment Value

There's no disputing the fact that being able to watch your staff make fresh bagels provides some entertainment value. All things being equal, if a customer were to have two bagel restaurant options with different setups, it's reasonable to suspect that he or she may lean toward the one where the making process is visible, simply because it offers something fun to watch while the customer is waiting for his bagel sandwich to be made.

3. It May Boost Sales

When customers are able to watch your restaurant's bagels being made, they may actually decide to buy more. For example, perhaps a customer comes in to grab a breakfast sandwich on a bagel. As he or she waits for a moment after ordering, he or she may notice that your staff is busily making a large batch of cheddar and jalapeno bagels. Knowing that they'll be on your shelves perhaps just a few minutes later, the customer may decide to wait around to buy a dozen of them because he or she loves this type of bagel and knows that they'll be extremely fresh.

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