Your Best Bet For Protein When Eating At A Buffet

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Your Best Bet For Protein When Eating At A Buffet

Your Best Bet For Protein When Eating At A Buffet

3 February 2017
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Foods that are full of protein are the building blocks of lean muscle, and these are the foods that make you feel satisfied and full. When you dine at a buffet, which foods do you gravitate towards? If you want energy and feelings of satisfaction, reach for the protein. Protein-rich foods are on the buffet; you just need to know where to look for them!

Some high sources of protein on a lunch buffet include:

Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a rich source of protein and it is on nearly every salad bar that you come across. Try a cup-sized scoop on your usual salad for an additional 28 grams of protein, which will help you power through the afternoon ahead!

Greek yogurt. If you find yourself reaching for the yogurt during lunch, try Greek yogurt instead. Greek yogurt has much more protein than regular yogurt, weighing in at around 18 grams of protein per container-sized serving. Add fresh fruit, salad, or dressing to give yogurt some pizzazz.

Dry-roasted nuts. Almonds are another amazing source of protein, but make sure that they are dry-roasted, without oil, before snacking on them. Sprinkle a handful, around ten nuts, on your salad or cottage cheese for some texture and around two or three grams of extra protein.

Lean cuts of meat. Unless you are a vegan or vegetarian, you will likely choose some meat off the buffet at mealtime. Lean meat is an excellent source of protein, but make sure to skip the overly-processed options like cold cuts or fatty portions when possible.

Beans and chickpeas. Beans are a staple of the vegan diet, and they are chock-full of protein to keep you going. Try adding a few beans or chickpeas to the top of your salad or soup for extra energy and more satisfaction after lunch.

Avocados. Another great source of protein is found with avocados. Head towards the guacamole on a buffet to dip veggies or spread on whole-grain crackers for a hearty and healthy lunchtime option.

Dark greens. Dark, leafy greens—such as spinach and kale—are full of protein, so pile them high on your plate at lunch. Opt for fresh veggies when possible to maintain the nutrients that often get lost in cooking. Add a handful to a fruit and yogurt smoothie in the morning for more fuel throughout the day.

Fill up on protein when you eat at a buffet, and you will feel full longer, while also giving your body the energy that it needs to power through your day and build muscle mass. Try these suggestions when you dine out and keep an eye out for these healthy sources of protein! For more information on your food options, contact a buffet like Crico's Pizza & Subs.

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