Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants

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Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants

Tips For Eating Healthy At Restaurants

23 January 2017
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When you are trying to eat healthier, it tends to be much easier to do at home than when you need to go out to eat. If you are eating out at a restaurant, you can't control how they prepare your food, and it is sometimes difficult to choose the healthiest thing. These tips will help you enjoy your time out with friends and family, while also making smart choices.

Look Up Nutritional Information Beforehand

If you have an option about what restaurant you go to, it is helpful to research different ones first. Take a look at the menus, what is included, and the nutritional facts. Looking up nutritional info is also really helpful if you already know what restaurant everyone has decided to go to. It allows you to choose the meal that seems to fit your personal preferences best, whether you are cutting calories, reducing your carbs, or just trying to avoid fried and fatty foods.

Consider Breakfast For Lunch or Dinner

Breakfast foods don't always have to be enjoyed during breakfast time, and many of them work great as a light meal during lunch or dinner. While you don't want to choose French toast, pancakes, or waffles, some of the other breakfast items on the menu might work perfectly for your healthy eating plan. For example, scrambled eggs or eggs over-easy are typically healthy, as long as you don't get shredded cheese on top. Many restaurants offer turkey bacon as a healthier alternative, along with whole wheat toast or muffins instead of white bread. You can then get fruit on the side or oatmeal, and you have yourself a healthy breakfast for any meal of the day.

Grilled Chicken and Fish Are Always Safe

When you are new to eating healthy, it can be hard knowing what the healthiest option is. In general, going for a meal with grilled chicken or grilled fish is usually a safe bet. On the menu, look near the back first, as this is often where restaurants list their healthier or lighter options. If you can't find a good grilled chicken or fish main course, look at the salads next. These often provide a grilled chicken salad, which gives you a healthy and filling meal.

Double the Veggies

French fries and other fatty sides might be your downfall. To avoid the temptation and keep your meal on the healthier side, ask for double veggies instead. That way, your main course includes grilled chicken or fish with lots of veggies to help fill you up.

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