Tips For Reheating Baked Or Grilled Chicken Breast From Your Favorite Restaurant

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Tips For Reheating Baked Or Grilled Chicken Breast From Your Favorite Restaurant

Tips For Reheating Baked Or Grilled Chicken Breast From Your Favorite Restaurant

28 December 2016
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Baked or grilled chicken breast can be one of the healthiest things that you can order in most restaurants. However, many people will simply leave their leftovers because they are unsure of how to reheat the chicken without making it dry. Fortunately, there are a few reheating strategies that you may use to ensure that your chicken is nice and moist when you go to eat the leftovers from your favorite healthy restaurant.

Add Water When Reheating In A Skillet Or In The Oven

If you will be using a skillet or the oven to reheat the chicken, you will want to make sure that you add water to the chicken before you put it to heat. During the time that the chicken was in the refrigerator, it will have lost a considerable amount of its moisture. When the chicken is then exposed to the intense heat of a hot skillet or oven, much of the remaining moisture may evaporate. To prevent this from making your chicken dry and touch, you should add no more than a few tablespoons of water to the chicken.

Consider Using A Steamer

One of the best options for reheating chicken is to use a steamer. The steam will bring the chicken to a temperature that is enjoyable for consumption while simultaneously replenishing much of the moisture of the meat. When using a steam, you will want to use the lowest setting possible so as to avoid overcooking the meat. The exact amount of time needed to steam the chicken will vary based on its thickness, which means you will want to cut into the thickest portion of the meat to ensure it is thoroughly warmed before you eat it.

Cut The Chicken Into Smaller Pieces When Microwaving It

Using a microwave can be one of the most difficult options for reheating chicken. The microwave will rapidly heat the interior of the chicken, which can cause it to become extremely dry. Preventing this problem will require you to minimize the amount of time that the chicken is in the microwave. By taking a few minutes to cut the chicken into smaller pieces, you will be able to ensure that it warms as rapidly as possible. To further protect the chicken against drying out, you may want to use a bowl with a small amount of water in the bottom of it. The water will evaporate while the chicken is heating, and this will add moisture to the chicken in much the same way as a steamer would.

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