3 Holiday-Friendly Promotions To Market Your Diner And Increase Foot Traffic

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3 Holiday-Friendly Promotions To Market Your Diner And Increase Foot Traffic

3 Holiday-Friendly Promotions To Market Your Diner And Increase Foot Traffic

15 December 2016
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The holidays are an incredible time of year, and luckily, with a little focus on your marketing campaign, you may be able to bring in some additional business and maximize on this special time of year at your diner, a place like the Belgian Waffle & Pancake House. Here are three holiday promotions to consider:

1. Get a Gift If You Give a Gift

This can often be a win-win situation for a lot of people, including your dining establishment. When people come into your diner to purchase a gift card or gift certificate, you will give them a gift after their purchase is complete. Their gift will be something from your diner, such as a free cupcake or some other form of dessert or special drink that is offered at your diner. For individuals that are regulars of your diner, they'll know what they are getting themselves into. However, for individuals who are simply buying a gift for a regular, they will finally get a taste of what they're missing and may just become a new customer of yours!

2. Have Themed Celebrations on Certain Nights

While the holidays may be about giving gifts, it doesn't mean that is all there is to this special time of year. In fact, it is also about celebration and getting together with those that you love most so that you can enjoy their company. So, to make this a focus in your diner, you need to create events that will allow couples and families to come in and celebrate over a traditional Christmas dinner. Apart from having one night as a traditional dinner, you could also have other nights where you focus on holiday foods from other countries. You can even make a small brochure that speaks a bit about the country and the holiday traditions of that country.

3. Offer Kid-Friendly, Holiday-Themed Classes

As a general rule, the aforementioned theme nights will be more targeted towards families and adults, so it is important that you don't forget to include something special for the little ones in your holiday promotions. After all, the kids are what Christmas is all about so this can help boost your revenue tremendously! To focus on the children, you should consider offering some classes on decorating cookies or making gingerbread houses. Not only will the children have a blast doing this, but they'll get something at the end of the evening to take home and remember your restaurant by – well, at least for a little while. By offering something like this every year, you can become a part of a family's yearly holiday tradition, which can really pay off for years.

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