4 Ways To A Healthier Pizza

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4 Ways To A Healthier Pizza

4 Ways To A Healthier Pizza

14 December 2016
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If you're anything like the average person, you love pizza. However, when people are trying to be more health conscious, they somewhat think that pizza isn't an option. You can eat pizza without throwing away all your calories for the day, you just need to know how to order.

Start With The Crust

If you're a deep dish or pan crust type of person, to cut back on calories, order your pizza with thin crust instead. Simply choosing this option can yield a noticeable difference in the number of calories you consume per slice. Instead of making the crust the highlight of the pizza, focus on the toppings instead. You might even check to see if they offer whole wheat crust as this is an even healthier option.

Get Half Cheese

One of the factors that makes pizza so tasty is the cheese. You can still enjoy this flavor without a calorie overload. Order your pizza with only half the cheese to lessen the total calories of the pizza. Whether you're ordering online or by phone, just put a note on the order that you only want half the typical cheese serving. Even with the extra cheese, you will still get the taste you're looking for as many pizzas come topped with way more cheese than actually necessary.

Load Up On Veggies

Instead of the usual meat assortment, top your pizza with a large assortment of vegetables. Vegetables are both filling and highly flavorful and most importantly, they don't have a lot of calories. If you absolutely must have meat, consider a lower fat option like chicken instead of the usual pepperoni, beef, or sausage. If you really want to boost the flavor, ask for a light olive oil drizzle before baking. This will make the vegetables extra flavorful and crispy.

Deconstruct The Pizza

Pizza enthusiasts would cringe at the idea of someone deconstructing a piece of pizza, but it is a great way to cut calories. If you often eat four pieces, take the toppings off two pieces and add them to the other two pieces. Eating in this manner allows you to cut the calories from two pieces while still enjoying the toppings.

You can still eat pizza, you can just do so in a more health conscious way. Look for even more ways that you can enjoy your pizza in this way to stay on target with your health goals.

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